Grádics Woolen Blankets

The collection consists of five blankets with different basic pattern and two additional complementary one, all of them with “székely” rug motif origins. This ornamentation is coupled with a weaving technique that is originating from the Norwegian culture. The essence of this improved weaving technique is that it preserves the shape of the basic pattern in its smaller structure and it gives the opportunity to weave large-scale patterns as well. The pattern of the blankets is created by the light and dark patches from the intersection of different yarns. Like the inspiration, the motifs of the blankets are geometric, however instead of sharp contours and color differences, the edges of the shapes are eased by subtle color shades. In the collection the different variations and combinations of the basic pattern are appearing. The blankets are made of soft merino wool in dark blue and natural white colors, which clearly highlights the structure of the fabric.​​​​​​​

The project had been realized as part of the Future Traditions Research and Curriculum Development project with the support of the EEA Grants.