Please follow the instructions below when cleaning your wool blanket:

The blankets are made in the European Union from fine local wool .

In order to make sure of the quality of the blankets, they have been submitted for examination. The blankets were tested by ÉMI-TÜV SÜD’s laboratory (registration number NAH-1-1351-2015) and qualified as 1st class product. The blankets are made of 100% wool.

The yarn were colored in accordance with the REACH regulation and therefore they are FREE from any hazardous materials like Azo dyes. The blankets meet the OEKO-TEX® requirements as well. They have been tested for harmful substances and are safe from a human-ecological perspective.

REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry. It also promotes alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances in order to reduce the number of tests on animals.
The OEKO-TEX® labels support you in acting responsibly and making sustainable purchasing decisions. The product labels of ‘STANDARD 100’ and ‘LEATHER STANDARD’ by OEKO-TEX® are available for textile and leather products that have been tested for harmful substances and found to be safe from a human-ecological perspective.
Find out more at https://www.oeko-tex.com/

Most of the wool is originating from the sheep of the Czech Republic. The fleece comes from organic farms where the sheep live in free pastures and sheared once a year. The raw materials is then selected very carefully for the weaving of blankets.

For any product related paper accessories, such as hang-tags, we choose a local FSC certified printing company with the intent of supporting the preservation of our forests.

Forest Stewardship Council is the leading catalyst and defining force for improved forest management and market transformation, shifting the global forest trend towards sustainable use, conservation, restoration, and respect for all. By choosing products with FSC labels, you are helping to take care of the world’s forests.
Find out more at https://fsc.org/