VANDOR studio® is a contemporary textile workshop designing, developing, and producing home textiles by traditional handweaving and manufactural machine weaving, according to modern needs and fulfilling high standards.

Its small-series and custom-made rugs, blankets, cushions, bedding, and kitchen textiles stand for industry tradition and decades of experience. The basis of the responsible, human-scale design here is functionality, with tools such as technological knowledge, creative competency, and delicacy organized into a harmonious whole with colorful threads.

The time and labor put in handweaving are hard to comprehend with our modern concept of time. The pace of everyday life, the fragmentation of experiences, or the whirl of constantly changing objects around us make us susceptible to different tempos and stimuli.

However, the stories hidden between threads can guide us back to a more human realm. Choosing the right yarn or knowing the materials and techniques assigned to the desired patterns is a summation of centuries of collective knowledge and decades of practice. The sensitivity and consistency that the fabric requires right from the start bring joy to the creator and the user.

Designer and weaver Krisztina Vándor associates this unique work with high-quality criteria. Her musical and mathematical background, strong three-dimensional imagination, and continuous research of techniques help her design the most complicated weaving drafts while practicing these technologies herself. The more complex the challenge, the better – one of her goals is to preserve and pass on the experiences through the small series and unique textiles of her studio as living knowledge.

The main lead of artistic creation and creative competency is functionality. Purpose and character determine the materials, but this does not mean limitations, but room for imagination, with the highest quality result. Usability is the guiding principle for the selection of possible combinations. The ease of cleaning, shape retention, color fastness, durability, and natural materials free from harmful substances are proof of expertise in the long term. Along with aesthetic uniqueness, they are also examples of human-centered design that respects environmental resources.

VANDOR studio® mainly produces hand-woven home textiles in-house, completing it with manufactural production involving mills with a long-established tradition. The consciousness and the openness to play seen in its home textile collections also show up in the design and weaving of exclusive fabrics, prototypes, reconstruction pieces, and cases of other orders with unique parameters.