1. Contact:

VANDOR studio®

Operator: Krisztina Vándor (“self-employed”)

Registered office: 24/a Nagyszeben street, H-1118 Budapest, Hungary

Shop: 6 Kapitány Street. H-1123 Budapest, Hungary

Site: 37 Zsolnai street, H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Hungary

E-mail: info(at)vandor.studio

Phone:  +36 30 464 9191


2. More company info:

VAT number: HU67229572

Registration Authority: Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest, Office of District XII, Department of Government Issued Documents

Registration number: 44394285

Chamber Membership: Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Licensing authority for commercial activities: The city of Budapest, Metropolitan Municipality of District XII. “Hegyvidék”, Town Clerk

Trade license number: B/024/2020.

Licensing authority for online shop: The city of Budapest, Metropolitan Municipality of District XI. “Újbuda”, Town Clerk

Webshop license number: 6834/2020/B.


3. Hosting provider:

Name: Rottenbacher Tamás e.v. (Rotisoft.hu)

Headquarter: 2 Zemplén Győző Street, X./98, 1039 Budapest,Hungary

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +36 30 387 39 69

Website: www.rotisoft.hu