Handwoven bedspread with decorative cushions

The blue bedspread and decorative pillows were sewn from handwoven textile with a detailed star pattern. The bedspread is made of a mixture of cotton and superwash wool yarn, the special feature of which is that it can be washed in a washing machine. The Parisian blue mirror part is edged with a midnight blue border. The fabric of the cushions textured by chenille yarn is edged with piping. The unique set was sold at the auction of the Mosoly Foundation.

Read more: VI. Art-Craft-Design auction catalog, about the auction (in hungarian) Art – Craft – Design

Customer: Mosoly Foundation

Material: bedspread 70% cotton 30% superwash merino wool, cushions 100% cotton

Size: bedspread 161 x 208 cm, pillows 63 x 40 cm

Technique: handweaving

Year: 2021